This chart will tell you when your child should have routine check ups and will provide space for what is recorded at that visit. Another way to remember when do check ups is: a first visit at 2 to 4 weeks, then starting at 2 months, every 2 months till 6 months, every 3 months till 18 months, every 6 months till 3 years, then every year after that. All visits include: measurements, age appropriate developmental screen, complete physical exam, discussion about current development and what will be coming up before the next visit and how to handle this.

Starting at age 3 years, we measure blood pressure instead of head circumference and we measure standing height instead of lying down length (they are actually different because you shrink about 1/2 inch when standing and we can't get babies to stand correctly to measure them)

Pediatricians may see your child up to 21 years of age and then we will refer you to a Family Practitioner or Internal Medicine specialist for you routine care. Some Pediatricians stop seeing children at 18 or 16 years of age. We occasionally see patients who have chronic illnesses after 21 years of age.

Well child check ups are essential to ensure that your child is growing and developing normally. But check ups are much more than this. During each visit I will teach you about what stage of development your child is in, what will be coming up next and what you can do to help the process along. We will discuss behavioral patterns at each stage and teach you how to handle the behavioral problems that come up. Well child check ups also are a means of health maintenance and sickness prevention. The most well known prevention is immunizations, but through regular visits and discussions with you, I will be able to see the warning signs of illness and help you prevent serious illnesses where possible.

  2-4 WEEKS        
  2 MONTHS        
  4 MONTHS        
  6 MONTHS        
  9 MONTHS        
  12 MONTHS        
  15 MONTHS        
  18 MONTHS        
  24 MONTHS        
  30 MONTHS       Some insurances don't cover this visit
      Height Bp  
  3 YEARS        
  4 YEARS        
  5 YEARS        
  6 YEARS       Some insurance only cover check ups every other year starting now
  7 YEARS        
  8 YEARS        
  9 YEARS        
  10 YEARS        
  11 YEARS        
  12 YEARS        
  13 YEARS        
  14 YEARS        
  15 YEARS        
  16 YEARS        
  17 YEARS        
  18 YEARS        
  19 YEARS        
  20 YEARS        
  21 YEARS