Spitting up is very common and can be caused by a variety of things. A teaspoon or so of milk coming out of the mouth or nose in a "wet burp" up to 30 minutes or so after a meal is very common and nothing to be concerned about. Remember that a small amount of milk on the floor or your new clothes looks very large. The best way to estimate how much your baby spit up is to pour an equal amount of milk onto the same surface for comparison. Up to a mouthful or so of milk being spit up can also be caused by not burping enough while feeding, overfeeding or playing with your baby after feeding. So long as your baby acts perfectly healthy between meals, doesn't spit up every meal, doesn't spit up more than a mouthful and has no other signs of illness, then your baby is most likely normal. If you think the spitting is abnormal, then please call me for advice or an appointment. If your baby acts ill or you are worried, then call me immediately.