If you are using formula, then it has all of the vitamins your baby needs. If you have well water though and will use this to make the formula, then we will need to test the well water fluoride level to make sure your baby gets enough (some may even have too much). The fluoride supplement will not be needed until after 6 months of age, though. Your breast milk is perfect for your new baby except for fluoride, iron and Vitamin D. Breast milk does contain limited amounts of these and some pediatricians recommend that the baby take more. Therefore, I may start your baby on a vitamin (Tri-vi-sol, over the counter). If you have well water, then we will test your water to see if we need to give your children extra fluoride (some wells actually have too much, we will give you a free test kit in the office). If you do change to bottle feeding, then you can stop the vitamins because the formula has these already, but please call me before you stop breast feeding.