This subject does not have an easy answer. The answer depends on what the problem is and your level of parental experience.

The following outline may also help you:

If you baby has any of the following, then call an ambulance or go to the emergency room immediately:

If you have one of the above conditions that you don't think is that serious or if you have some other emergency, then call me immediately and tell the person that answers that you have an emergency and I will be on the phone in a few seconds. If you call after business hours, then I or whomever is on call for me should call you back within a few minutes or you should either call again or go to the emergency room depending on how serious you think the problem is.

If you call me and I do not return your call in an adequate amount of time, then please call again. Occasionally messages get misplaced, phones are out of order or I have just been unable to get to your call yet.

Occasionally all pediatricians phone lines become very busy. This is due to Murphy's law of all children becoming ill at once and the pediatricians nature of trying to keep your child from needing to come to the office. Here’s some tips on how to best use the phone system.